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Jimmy Nail

"Jimmy Nail" is a British actor and singer (born March 16, 1954, Gleneagles Close Newcastle-upon-Tyne), famous for his rugged looks, hit singles and a strong Newcastle accent, although sometimes it is weaker, depending on what role he is playing and who he is talking to. The son of James Bradford and Laura Johnson, his birth name was "James Michael Aloysius Bradford", which he changed to "Nail" after he stepped on a six inch long spike in a glass factory.

In the late 1970s he sung in a Newcastle pub band called the King Crabs, more often than not wearing a woman's dress.

He rose to fame playing Leonard Jeffrey 'Oz' Osborne in ''Auf Wiedersehen, Pet'' in 1983, despite having no acting experience. He was on his way to collect his social security benefit when he passed the audition centre and was spotted by writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais who immediately approached him and asked if he could act. Nail was helped through the process of basic acting and acquiring Equity status, and landed the part of Oz, for which he gained great acclaim.

Jimmy Nail has also starred in a number of films and had a long musical career, having been a singer before he was picked out a...

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