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Jo Ann Campbell

"Jo Ann Campbell" (born July 20, 1938 in Jacksonville, Florida) is an American pop singer.

Campbell began attending music school at the age of four, and won many honors as a drum majorette at Fletcher High School. In 1954 she travelled Europe as a dancer, then moved to New York City, where she joined The Johnny Conrad Dancers and made several television appearances on shows such as The Milton Berle Show and The Colgate Comedy Hour.

In 1956, Campbell decided to quit dancing and become a singer. She received a contract with Eldorado Records after performing at Harlem's Apollo Theater. She wrote and released her first single, "Come On Baby" in 1957. Later that year she released "Wait A Minute", and appeared at the Brooklyn Paramount and on Dick Clark's American Bandstand Show.

Campbell appeared in the films Johnny Melody, Go Johnny Go, and Hey, Let's Twist in the early 1960's while continuing to release records. She had her biggest hit in August 1962 with "(I'm The Girl On) Wolverton Mountain", an answer record to Claude King's "Wolverton Mountain" (some pressings indicated the title as "I'm The Girl From Wolverton Mountain"). The song reached #38 on the Billboard Hot 1...

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