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Joe Strummer

"John Graham Mellor" (August 21, 1952 – December 22, 2002) better known as "Joe Strummer", was the co-founder, lyricist, rhythm guitarist and lead singer of the English punk rock band The Clash, and later The Mescaleros.

Joe Strummer was born as John Mellor in Ankara, Turkey on August 21, 1952. His father was a British foreign-service diplomat and spent much of his time moving from place to place, which meant that Strummer spent his childhood in a variety of different countries. At the age of 10, Strummer and his older brother David began boarding at the City of London Freemen's School, in Surrey. During this time Strummer rarely saw his parents. He developed a love of rock music, listening to records by The Beatles and The Beach Boys, as well as American folk-singer Woody Guthrie (Strummer would even go by the name "Woody" for a few years, until changing his name to "Joe Strummer" around the same time that the Clash was formed). Strummer was never very close to his brother David, but nonetheless David's suicide significantly changed Joe's outlook on life. After finishing his time in private school, in 1970 Strummer moved on to London's Central School of Art & Design, ...

years active 1973–2002
music genre Rock'n'Roll, Punk rock
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source: Wikipedia