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Joe Henry

"Joe Henry" is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer.

Henry's first few albums were country or alt-country affairs, and earned mostly positive reviews.

1996's ''Trampoline'' saw Henry stretching out a bit, employing metal guitarist Page Hamilton (who demonstrated his own eagerness to stetch by collaborating on the album) and sounding less like country or folk music. One review noted the album's "idiosyncratic broadmindedness."

''Fuse'' (1999) continued Henry's experimentalism with its trip hop shadings. One review of the album states that ''Fuse'' has "real weight, emotion and beauty that is both unmistakable and unforgettable."

''Scar'', released in 2001, was seen as a breakthrough: Henry's evocative songs had only traces of his early career's country sound, and the band on the record consisted mainly of jazz musicians (Marc Ribot, Brian Blade and Brad Mehldau among others), including an appearance by saxophonist Ornette Coleman — in a very rare cameo — who steals the show on "Richard Pryor Addresses A Tearful Nation."


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