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"Joe" may refer to:

In "politics":

* Joe Clark, the 16th Prime Minister of Canada

* Uncle Joe, the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s to his death in 1953

In "sports":

* Joe Crede Third Baseman for the Chicago White Sox

* Joe Cole, footballer

* Joe Kelly (Formula One), famous formula one driver from Dublin, Ireland

* Joe Montana, quarterback

* Joe Thomas, offensive tackle for the Wisconsin Badgers

* Samoa Joe, profesional wrestler

In "television":

* Average Joe, reality TV dating shows that aired on the NBC network

* Joe Menosky, the Star Trek writer credited with starting the trend of working the number 47 into every script

* Joe Piscopo, American comedian known for his work on ''Saturday Night Live''

In "music":

* Joe (singer), an R&B singer

* Joe Perry, guitarist for Aerosmith

* Joe Strummer, co-founder and lead singer of punk rock band The Clash, and later, The Mescaleros

In "Soviet weapon testing":

* Joe 1, the first Soviet nuclear weapon test

* Joe 4, the first Soviet test of a thermonuclear weapon

In "fiction":

* ''Joe'', 1970 film starring Peter Boyle as the title character

* Joe,...

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