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John Fahey

"John Fahey" ( February 28, 1939–February 22, 2001) was an American guitarist and composer, and one of the first guitarists to perform solo instrumental steel-string acoustic guitar. His music, described by some as American Primitivism, drew inspiration from American folk music, blues, classical music, Brazilian music, and Indian music. In several of his later works, he experimented with electric dissonance and noise; these later works have been compared with ''musique concrète'' and industrial music.

John Aloysius Fahey was born in Takoma Park, MD into a musical household--both his parents played the piano. On weekends, the family often attended performances of top country and bluegrass groups of the day, but it was hearing Bill Monroe's version of Jimmie Rodgers' "Blue Yodel No. 7" on the radio that ignited the young Fahey's passion for music.

In 1952 he purchased his first guitar for $17 from the Sears-Roebuck catalogue. Along with his budding interest in guitar, Fahey was attracted to record collecting. While his tastes ran mainly in the bluegrass and country vein, Fahey discovered his love of early blues upon hearing Blind Willie Johnson's "Praise God...

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Born February 28, 1939
Origin Takoma Park, MD, USA
Died February 22, 2001
Genre folk, avant garde
Occupation Guitarist
Years active 1959–2001
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