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Johnny Hates Jazz

"Johnny Hates Jazz" was an English band formed in 1986 by Clark Datchler (vocals, piano), Calvin Hayes (keyboards), and American-born Mike Nocito (bass). Named after a friend who hated jazz, Johnny Hates Jazz released their first single, "Me and My Foolish Heart," on RAK Records that year. After searching for a major-label record deal they landed one towards the end of 1986 with Virgin Records after a gig at, ironically enough, a jazz club. The group's debut single for Virgin, "Shattered Dreams," became a monster success in 1987. Datchler left in 1989 and was replaced by Phil Thornalley. A month before the release of their second album ''Tall Stories'' the band was involved in a serious car crash which left Hayes in a body cast for over a year. The band lost momentum and eventually split in 1995.


* ''Turn Back the Clock'' (Virgin Records) - 1988 - #1 UK, #56 US

* ''Tall Stories'' (Virgin Records)- 1991


* ''The Very Best Of Johnny Hates Jazz'' - (Disky Records) - 1993

* ''The Best Of The 80s'' - (Disky Records) - 2000

* "Me And My Foolish Heart" (RAK Records) - 1986

* "Shattered Dreams" (Virgin Records)- 1987 - #5 UK, #2 US (1988 release)

* "I...

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