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Ana Johnsson

"Ana Lovisa Johnsson" (born October 4th, 1977 in Gothenburg, Sweden) is a Swedish singer and songwriter. Her longplay disc ''Cuz I Can'' appeared in April 2004 in Sweden. However, her worldwide debut ''The Way I Am'' was released some months later. She is sometimes known as "Ana".

Ana was born in Gothenburg, Sweden to Rolph and Carina Johnsson but later moved to Sunne, a village in the province of Värmland.

She became fed up of school and went to USA as an exchange student. She took up skiing as a hobby and now she is a semi-professional snowboard artist. She competed and travelled around the US and at one point, she came 5th and 6th in a championship in 1996. Eventually she came back to Sweden in 2001, finished high school and started working at various jobs.

She is fluent in 4 languages - Swedish, English, German and Norwegian.

Her singing talents started when she was a teenager and became a singer of coverband ''@groove'' and moved to Karlstad.

But her big break started when she heard about the first season of Popstars in Sweden and decided to give it a go. She succeeded in the final and Ana, Jenny Karolina, Kristina Bergfoth, Malin Catharina Ols...

Background solo singer
Alias Ana
Born October 4th, 1977
Origin Gothenburg, Sweden
Genre Pop music
Years active 2003–Present
website Swedish official website English official website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia