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Jonathan King

"Jonathan King" (born December 6, 1944) is the stage name of "Kenneth George King", a pop music producer and personality. He had a global smash in 1965 which he wrote and sang, "Everyone's Gone To The Moon". It topped charts all over the world. He went on to become one of Britain's top producers, record label executives and TV personalities. In 2001 he received a seven year prison sentence for four indecent assaults and two more serious sexual offences on schoolboys aged 14 and 15. These are currently being reviewed by the official Government body, the CCRC.

The child of an American father and an English mother, King was educated at Charterhouse School and Trinity College, Cambridge. As an undergraduate, he wrote and sang his first hit, ''Everyone's Gone To The Moon'' in 1965, eventually selling a reported 4.5 million records worldwide. Before graduating, he wrote and produced further hits such as ''It's Good News Week'' by ''Hedgehoppers Anonymous'', also discovering, producing and naming Genesis, whose founding members were at Charterhouse.

Soon after King graduated, his Saturday evening ITV series ''Good Evening; I'm Jonathan King'', was seen nationally for six ...

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