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Jota Quest

Jota Quest is a pop band from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The band's original name was Johnny Quest, but due to some legal issues with Hanna-Barbera, they took their nickname J.Quest, and renamed themselves Jota Quest. The band members are bronco Rogério Flausino (vocals), sex-symbol Marco Túlio (guitar), quiet Márcio Buzelin (keyboards), bizarro virtuoso PJ (bass) and Mr.Congeniality Paulinho Fonseca (drums).

Jota Quest has stood apart from the musical traditions of Minas Gerais with his derivative lite pop-funk, albeit it afforded them national sucess in pop-rock. The band's first record, J.Quest, drew unambashedly on disco sonorities. The bar band is shown in their many versions, the most successful one their rendition of "As Dores do Mundo" ("Pains of the World"), a huge hit by Bahian Soulman Hyldon in the '70s. It quickly entered the charts, followed by other singles, and the band went on tour all over Brazil. On this first tour, the band members would come onstage wearing "black power" wigs, never disguising t...

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Jota Quest

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