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"K3" is a Belgian musical group playing pop music. The group consists of three young women: Karen, Kristel and Kathleen. The name of the band comes from the initial letters. Thee group has released eight full CDs.

K3 sings mostly in Dutch and most of their fans are children under the age of 13. Their lyrics are positive, joyful and often easy to sing along.

Their first big hit was "Heyah mama". With this song the girls participated the Flemish/Belgian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1999.

''Teleromeo'', their 2002 hit, was also sung in French, English and German.

K3 is managed by the television studio Studio 100 from Belgium. This is one of the reasons that they can be seen a lot on children's television in Belgium and the Netherlands, making their stardom even bigger.

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