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Kailash Kher

"Kailash Kher" is an Indian singer of popular sufi music. He has recently risen to fame with a series of hits with his band named Kailasa.

The band includes Mumbai musician-brothers Naresh & Paresh who were earlier associated with Bombay Black. Kailash Kher is currently a sensation in the playback world of Bollywood. He especially became famous for a song called 'Allah Ke Bande' from a not-so-famous movie, Waisa Bhi Hota Hai II. Kailash Kher provided a soulful high-pitched raw voice and it struck a chord with the listeners. He has sung a number of songs in Mangal Pandey:The Rising and has also made a brief appearance. He is also seen in the movie Corporate in the song 'O Sikander'. He originally belongs to New Delhi, and has sung for a couple of ad jingles too.

His website features information on his past career and his band "Kailasa".


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Kher, Kailash

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