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Kaizers Orchestra

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"Kaizers Orchestra" is a Norwegian rock band formed in 2000. The two leading members, vocalist Janove Ottesen and guitarist Geir Zahl, had known each other for years and started their first band (Blod, Snått & Juling) in 1991.

The current lineup is:

* Jan Ove Ottesen (vocals, guitar, piano, organ, oil drums)

* Geir Zahl (guitar, vocals, oil drums)

* Terje Vinterstø (guitar, backing vocals, percussion) †

* Rune Solheim (drums)

* Helge Risa (organ, piano)

* (former) Jon Sjøen (acoustic bass) ‡

* Øyvind Storesund (acoustic bass) ‡

† Terje Vinterstø wasn't an original member, but joined later in 2000.

‡ Øyvind Storesund replaced Jon Sjøen in 2003.

In 2000, Kaizers Orchestra recorded an EP containing four songs: Bastard, Bøn fra Helvete, Katastrofen and Dekk Bord. During by:Larm, a Norwegian festival focusing on the artists of tomorrow, the band's songs were played frequently on the radio. Kaizers Orchestra's special sound and creative use of instruments was noticed by the small, Scandinavian label Broiler Farm. Th...

color yellow orange
years active 2000–present
status Active
origin Bryne, Norway
music genre Rock music
current members Janove Ottesen, vocals, guitar, piano, organ, oil drums
Geir Zahl, guitar, vocals, oil drums
Terje Vinterstø, guitar, backing vocals, percussion
Rune Solhiem, drums
Helge Risa, organ, piano
Øyind Storesund, acoustic bass
past members Jon Sjøen, acoustic bass
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia