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Kane Hodder

"Kane Warren Hodder" (Born: April 8, 1955 in Auburn, California, USA) is an American actor and stuntman. Standing 6'3" (approximately 1.92 metres), he is best known for his acting in the ''Friday the 13th'' movies (7-10) as the seemingly unkillable mass murderer Jason Voorhees.

Although he offered to reprise the part of Jason Voorhees in the 2003 film ''Freddy vs. Jason'', he was rejected by director Ronny Yu and replaced by 6'5 1/2" Canadian stunt man Ken Kirzinger, a move that Kane still resents. The switch caused a lot of arguments among fans of the series and has been credited to Kirzinger's living in Canada where the film was shot as well as being a cost-saving move, plus for his height over Freddy actor Robert Englund.

Kane is the only actor/stunt man to have played Jason Voorhees more than once. He is also generally considered the fan favorite.

In the mid 1980's, Kane was performing a stunt that went awry, leaving him with 2nd degree burns on over 75% of his body. As such, Kane often wears gloves at horror conventions.

He has the word "Kill!" tattooed on the back of his bottom lip.

He is an avid poker player and often plays celebrity tournaments on ...

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