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"Karnivool" is an independent Australian rock band from Perth, Western Australia. Formed in 1998. They have since released several singles and 2 EPs, and most recently their debut album, Themata. Notable performances include playing at the Big Day Out Festival in Perth twice, as well as recently performing at the Rock It Festival. They toured with Cog shortly after the release of their debut album and since have toured Australia extensively on their own headline tours.

Karnivool have recently signed a new management deal with Paul Sloan and Heath Bradby of Fidelity Corp, and are looking forward to securing an international release of their debut album, Themata. Meanwhile, the band are in the process of writing new material for their forthcoming second studio album, which is due for release in Australia sometime during late 2006 or early 2007.

In a recent interview with Xpress magazine, Karnivool guitarist Andrew Goddard has stated that the upcoming album will be a huge step up from Themata. He also says that the writing process of the new record has been more of a a collaborative group effort by the band than previous works, and that they are going to go into th...

years active 1997 – present
country Australia
music genre Alternative Rock / Progressive Rock
current members Ian Kenny
Andrew Goddard
Mark Hosking
Jon Stockman
Steve Judd
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia