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"Kcor" (Pronounced Core) was an American rock band in the 1990's, formerly on The Legendary Sun Studio’s 706 Records label in Memphis, TN. The band was started by Gerry Haner, Micka Porter, Jared Walters and Jeff Harris. They gigged around the South playing clubs, outdoor festivals and benefit shows such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Kcor has played with bands such as Black Oak Arkansas at a music festival in El Dorado, AR, Sonny Moorman at the 6 One Six Club and Big Ass Truck at the Pop Tunes Anniversary Party on Beale Street in the New Daisy Theatre in Memphis.

Gerry Haner and Micka Porter met at a mutual friend’s party in El Dorado, AR. Haner and Porter spent most of the time talking about music and decided they should start playing music together. After a few jam sessions, Haner and Porter knew they wanted to start a band. With a friend they knew who had a drum set sitting around, they formed a band named Orion. Orion practiced cover tunes a lot but never hit it off very well musically. Eventually the drummer left and that was the end of Orion. By this time, Haner decided it was time to start writing original music. Haner and Porter worked hard for the ...

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