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"Keel" was a heavy-metal music band in the 1980s. They were formed by vocalist Ron Keel, who'd been in the band Steeler in 1983. Along with Yngwie Malmsteen, Rik Fox (Original W.A.S.P. bassist) and drummer Mark Edwards, The band Steeler would only have one album, Steeler in 1983. After its recording, the band split up.

Yngwie Malmsteen joined the band Alcatrazz for a year (2 albums, debut No Parole From Rock & Roll in 1983 & live album : Live Sentence in 1984) Afterwards he went on as a solo artist. he's still recording and performing today.

After Steeler Ron Keel formed a new band called Keel. Its original members were : Ron Keel - vocals,

David Michael Phillips on guitars (Phillips had, in 1983 just left his band ICON). Marc Ferrari lead & rythym guitarist. Bobby Marks drummer and Kenny Chaisson on bass guitar. The original lineup did not stay together long though.

Within months David Michael Phillips left and joined another band (this one was King Kobra). he was replaced in KEEL by guitarist Bryan Jay. With the changes made, they recorded their 1984 released debut album Lay Down The Law.

After its release Bobby Marks left and would be on drums replaced ...

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