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Anssi Kela

Anssi Kela

"Anssi Kela" (born July 29, 1972 in Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish singer-songwriter who has published three albums. The first one, ''Nummela'', is one of the best-sold records in Finland – it has sold over 150,000 copies (fivefold platinum). The album is named after his hometown Nummela, which is in Vihti. Nowadays Kela lives in Helsinki.

Kela became famous with his hit ''Mikan faijan BMW''. His song ''Milla'' is on the soundtrack of the movie ''Me and Morrison''.

Before his solo career Kela played in a band named Pekka ja Susi.


*''Nummela'' (2001)

*''Suuria kuvioita'' (2003)

*''Rakkaus on murhaa'' (2005)


*''Mikan faijan BMW'' (2000)

*''Kaksi sisarta'' / ''Kaksi sisarta (demo)'' / ''Mikan faijan BMW (demo)'' (2001)

*''Nummela (radio edit)'' (promotional single, 2001)

*''Puistossa'' / ''Puistossa (Flegmaatikot-remix)'' / ''Puistossa (demo)'' (2001)

*''Milla'' / ''Milla (video)'' / ''Mikan faijan BMW (video)'' (2001)

*''Suuria kuvioita'' (2003)

*''1972'' (promotional single, 2003)

*''Laulu petetyille (radio edit)'' / ''Laulu petetyille'' (promotional single, 2003)

*''Karhusaari'' (promotional single, 2005)

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