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Kelly Family

Kelly Family is a band started by Barbara Ann Kelly, her husband Daniel Jerome Kelly and their children.

The family left USA in 1966, and lived for some time in Spain. The family makes their Spanish TV-debut under the name "Kelly Kids" in 1975. The following year they start to tour around Europe as street musicians until they are discovered in Germany and sign their first record contract. Samuel Kelly is at this moment participating in a college program.

In 1994 the Kelly Family had their major breakthrough with the album Over the hump. At that point the members of the band were: Kathy, Johnny, Patricia, Jimmy, Joey, Barby, Paddy, Maite and Angelo. Currently only Patricia, Jimmy, Joey, Maite and Angelo are performing.

*Daniel Jerome "Dan" Kelly (* 1931, â  2002) *Barbara Ann Kelly (*1946, â  1982 died of cancer) *Daniel "Danny" Kelly - not an active band member *Caroline Kelly - not an active band member *Paul Kelly - not an active band member, but these days (autumn/winter 2005): is on tour with his siblings (with the circus "Roncalli") *Kathleen Anne "Kathy" Kelly...

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