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Kevin Cadogan

"Kevin Rene Cadogan" (born August 14, 1970 in Oakland, California) was the lead guitarist in the multi-platinum recording act Third Eye Blind from 1994 to 2000.

He was an instrumental part of the band and co-songwriter (sharing those duties with leadman Stephan Jenkins on two of the band's records, the six-time platinum breakthrough debut ''Third Eye Blind'' (1997) and the double platinum ''Blue'' (1999). He helped pen some of the band's biggest hits including "How's It Going to Be," "God of Wine," "The Background," "Narcolepsy," "Wounded," "1000 Julys," "Red Summer Sun," "Darkness," and more.

While Stephan Jenkins is seen as the main musical force behind Third Eye Blind, Kevin Cadogan helped make the band a monster success. The Joe Satriani-instructed guitarist is an underrated asset to the band helping construct many of the band's memorable riffs and musical hooks.

Kevin Cadogan lists some of his biggest influences as U2 and Pink Floyd, and it comes across in his playing. He currently plays primarily Mark Johnson and Paul Reed Smith guitars, and uses Mesa/Boogie Maverick amps. He is also known for his use of open tunings and his wide range of effects.


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