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Khold is a Norwegian Black Metal band formed in 2000 after the split-up of Tulus. The band plays midpaced and somewhat "groovy" Black Metal and has a history of touring with bands such as Behemoth and Satyricon.

= *Gard - vocals/guitar *Rinn - guitar *Grimd - bass (since 2002) *Sarke - drums *Hildr - lyrics

= *Eikind - bass (2000-2002) *Brandr - bass (for a couple of gigs in 2002) *Sir Graanug - bass (on the Phantom album)

*Masterpiss of Pain (Moonfog Productions, 2001) *Phantom (Moonfog Productions, 2002) *Mørke Gravers Kammer (Candlelight Records, 2004) Music video for Død (directed by Marcel Leliënhof) *Krek (Tabu Recordings, 2005) Music videos for Blod og Blek (directed by Marcel Leliënhof) and Innestengt i Eikekiste (produced and directed by Rinn)

Khold was based in Oslo, Norway and was formed by Sarke (drums), Gard (vocals/guitar). These two musicians came from the band/project Tulus, and Khold was formed because of a desire to be a "...

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