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Kid Courageous

Kid Courageous

"Kid Courageous" is a band from Australia. The band consists of Mick Anderson (Lead vocals, Piano), Huw Griffiths (Guitar, Vocals), Patrick Ricapito (Lead guitar), Laurent Saligne (Drums) and Dave Simon (Bass guitar). All 5 members of the band grew up in the suburb of Sutherland in New South Wales.

Kid Courageous were signed to the Australian independent label, RockSugar Music in late December 2004. During January 2005, Kid Courageous recorded three singles at Studio 301 in Sydney with producer Rick Will.

"Is She Really Going Out With Him" was their debut single and cover of the Joe Jackson hit. It received an "overwhelming response" and was the #4 most added track to radio in Australia. It held a #1 night radio position for 11 weeks was ranked #25 on the ARIA chart and #2 on the Independent chart.

"Life's A Movie", their second single, also achieved much success, topping the nightly radio for 10 weeks. It debuted at #39 on the ARIA chart.

"Use Me", their first EP, debuted at #24 on the ARIA charts and #1 on the Independent chart.

"I Want You" was released as a digital single only on iTunes in 2006.

"Dear Diary", their debut album, produced by Rick ...

years active2004–Present
countrySutherland, New South Wales
music genrePunk-Pop
current membersMick Anderson
Huw Griffiths
Patrick Ricapito
Laurent Saligne
Dave Simon
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia