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Kid Loco

Jean Yves Prieur, alias "Kid Loco", is a French musician, DJ, remixer and producer. Some consider his style to be similar to Air, Saint Etienne, and Stereolab. His best-known album is ''A Grand Love Story'', released in September 1997 and he has also released a DJ mix album for the Another Late Night series on Azuli Records.

He has worked with Jarvis Cocker of (Pulp) and Glasgow band Quinn, and produced the album Too Late To Die Young by the British group Departure Lounge.

* Blues Project (1996)

* A Grand Love Story (1997)

* Prelude To A Grand Love Story (Remix album, 1999)

* Kill Your Darlings (2001)

* Kill Your Darlings - Instrumental Version (2002)

* Another Late Night: Kid Loco (2003)

* The Graffiti Artist (Original Soundtrack) (2005)

* Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited (Tribute to Serge Gainsbourg) (2006) (producer)

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