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Kill Kenada

Kill Kenada

"Kill Kenada" are a rock music group from Bognor Regis, England, formed in 2001 inspired by Fugazi, Pavement, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Urusei Yatsura, At The Drive-in, and many more.

The band name is a reference to a character named Shotaro Kaneda or Kanada in Akira - possibly the reason why 'Kenada' was chosen was that it was somewhere in between the two different translations.

Tim Smithen (bass/vox)

Danny Williams (guitar)

Eldge (drums)


Stewart Fairhurst (drums) 2001-2005

'Stoo' features on 'Choke', 'Red And Black', 'Massachusetts Murder Medallions' and 'The Pink Album'.

Kill Kenada's first success was winning a battle of the bands contest in Portsmouth. They then went on to record some songs with Gordon Raphael (well known for producing popular indie band The Strokes). Their first release was a limited edition 7" on SUBverse Recordings - a record label set up by the band's manager. The single, 'Choke', (released on July 28, 2003) received high praise from many media critics:

A video was made for the release which was found as "cringe-worthy" by the band and in the end, wasn't sent to MTV to be aired.

Their next sing was the self...

years active 2001–present
music genre Alternative rock
Hardcore punk
Indie rock
status Touring
origin Bognor Regis
country England
current members Tim Smithen
Danny Williams
past members Stoo Fairhurst (2001-2005)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia