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The Kills

"The Kills" are a garage rock band formed by American vocalist Alison "VV" Mosshart and British guitarist Jamie "Hotel" Hince.

Mosshart had been in Floridian punk rockers Discount and Hince in British rock band Scarfo. When these groups disbanded, the duo, who first met when Mosshart heard Hince practicing in the hotel room above hers, struck up a songwriting partnership. For months, the pair air mailed work tapes across the Atlantic; after this proved to test the patience of both artists, as it took days or weeks to get each others tapes, Mosshart upped sticks from her Florida home to fly to London.

Wanting to cut themselves off from their pasts, Mosshart and Hince considered their new project to be Year Zero in their careers, so they renamed themselves VV and Hotel respectively and began writing sparse, minimalist songs together with the aid of a drum machine. In 2001 they showcased their new songs on a well received demo tape. In true punk rock fashion, however, the pair shunned approaches from major record labels. Recording as ''VV and Hotel'', they contributed the song "Restaurant Blouse" to the compilation ''If the Twenty-First Century Did Not Exist, It Would Be ...

years active 2000 – present
country United States, United Kingdom
status Active
music genre Garage Rock
current members Alison "VV" Mosshart, Jamie "Hotel" Hince
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia