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King Crimson

"King Crimson" is an English musical group founded by guitarist Robert Fripp and drummer Michael Giles in 1969.

Their dense musical style has typically been categorised as progressive rock and math rock, though it has held strong leanings towards jazz, classical, new wave, heavy metal and folk. Though its membership has fluctuated considerably during its lifetime, the band continues to perform and record music. The name King Crimson was coined by Peter Sinfield as a synonym for Beelzebub, prince of demons; according to Fripp, Beelzebub would be an anglicised form of the Arabic phrase "B'il Sabab", meaning "the man with an aim"..

A considerable amount of King Crimson's history consists of the various personnel changes that have occurred within the group. Throughout its history, Robert Fripp has been the only consistent member, although he has stated that he does not necessarily consider himself the band's leader. To him King Crimson "is a way of doing things" , and the musical consistency that has persisted throughout the band's history, despite frequent rotation of its members, reflects this point of view.

King Crimson has found little success in the way of radio or...

years active 1969-1974, 1981-1984, 1994-present
origin England
music genre Progressive rock
current members Robert Fripp
Adrian Belew
Tony Levin
Pat Mastelotto
past members Greg Lake
Peter Giles
Gordon Haskell
Boz Burrell
John Wetton
Trey Gunn
Michael Giles
Andy McCulloch
Ian Wallace (drummer)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia