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"King" were a British New Wave pop band of the mid-eighties led by singer Paul King, famed for his 'cockatoo' haircut and spray painted Doc Marten's Boots. The band released two albums on CBS before Paul decided to take a more soulful direction which resulted in the solo LP of 1987 "Joy" and the UK Top 75 single "I Know". Paul King's solo output was not as successful as the material he recorded with the band and later become a VJ on MTV before moving over to VH1.

* ''Love & Pride'' (1985) UK #2

* ''Won't You Hold My Hand Now'' (1985) UK #24

* ''Alone Without You'' (1985) UK #8

* ''The Taste Of Your Tears'' (1985) UK #11

* ''Torture'' (1986) UK #23

* ''I Know'' (1987) - Paul King solo

*''Steps in Time'' (1984) - King

*''Bitter Sweet'' (1985) - King

*''Joy'' (1987) - Paul King

''Guinness Book of British Hit Singles'' 7th Edition - 1988

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