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"Kisschasy" is a rock band from Melbourne, Australia. The band formed in 2002.

Three of the four members of Kisschasy grew up in the small country town of Balnarring in the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. Darren lived in Cranbourne. Joel, Sean & Karl had nothing better to do with their time than play in local bands such as Tenpin, who achieved a little local success. Darren was cutting his teeth playing in MxPx-style bands such as Pest Control and Josh Wins Again. However it wasn't until a chance meeting between Darren and bassist Joel at the 2002 Warped Tour, that they knew that they had to ditch their current musical outfits and form what we know today as Kisschasy. The band's original name was So Many Ways, named after a little-known b-side by New Found Glory.

Even though their average age is only 20 years this young quartet has been touring nationally for the last three years. They've released two successful EPs on indie label Below Par Records, and played alongside a host of Australian and International acts including Brand New, Gyroscope, Pennywise, Simple Plan & The Ataris. But even with the indie success of the band's debut singles "Darkside" and "Reminder", it'...

years active 2002 – Present
status Active
country Melbourne, Australia
music genre Rock/Pop
current members Darren Cordeux
Joel Vanderuit
Sean Thomas
Karl Ammitzboll
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia