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"Klein" is the Dutch and German word for "small", which came to be used as a family name, and thence passed into the names of places, concepts and discoveries associated with bearers of this surname.

* A. M. Klein (Abraham Moses Klein) (1909-1972), Canadian poet

* Aaron Klein

* Adria Montgomery-Klein

* Alex Klein

* Alice Klein

* Allen Klein (born 1931), Beatles manager

* Arthur George Klein

* Bernard Klein, U.S. businessman and politician

* Bernard Klein, American college professor in New York City

* Bob Klein

* Bruce Klein, Chairman, Immortality Institute

* Calvin Klein, U.S. fashion designer

* Carla Klein

* Charles Klein

* Chris Klein (born 1979), U.S. actor

* Chris Klein (born 1976), U.S. soccer player

* Chris Klein-Beekman

* Christianne Klein

* Cosmo Klein

* Crystal Klein

* Charles "Chuck" Herbert Klein (1904-1958), U.S. baseball player

* Dave Klein

* David Klein (born 1935), Governor, Bank of Israel

* David Klein (footballer)

* DuĊĦan Klein, Czech film director

* Edward Klein

* Elisabeth Klein

* Ernest Klein (1899-1983), Canadian linguist and rabbi

* Ernest Klein (chess player)

* Esther Klein, the mathematici...

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