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Frank Klepacki


|NAME=Klepacki, Frank


|SHORT DESCRIPTION=video game music composer

|DATE OF BIRTH=1974-05-25

|PLACE OF BIRTH=Las Vegas, Nevada




"Frank Klepacki" (born May 25, 1974) is a video game music composer. He is well known for his work on the ''Command & Conquer'' series. Throughout his career he has composed music for several other Westwood Studios games, including the ''Lands of Lore'' series, the ''Dune'' games, the ''The Legend of Kyrandia'' series, ''Blade Runner'', and Star Wars: Empire at War. He lives in Las Vegas, where he has shaped a solo career and helped produce several local bands' albums. He has also produced music for television commercials and the Spike TV program The Ultimate Fighter. Klepacki currently serves as full-time audio director of Petroglyph games.

Frank Klepacki was raised by a family of musicians who played on the Las Vegas strip. After finishing ''The Legend of Kyrandia III'', Frank Klepacki attended a meeting to discuss scoring the upcoming game ''Command & Conquer''—the first in a serie...

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