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Jennifer Knapp

"Jennifer Knapp" (born April 12, 1974) is a Christian folk rock musician who has been self-described as just a "girl with a guitar." Jennifer uses her music and heart-felt lyrics as a vehicle through which to relate the gospel to a generation of people searching for authenticity, meaning, and relevance. This desire for a deeper and more authentic feel toward Christ has separated her lyrics and style from most Christian Artists. Her lyrics, both well-written and human, examine the short-comings of humanity and the sad realism of the world while still expressing the hope of Christ. Her most famous song is "A Little More", which is still played on CCM radio stations despite its age.

Knapp was received widely, and toured America after her critically acclaimed first CD release, ''Kansas''. While touring Knapp sung primarily in churches, festivals, and large venues alike. Jennifer's approachability before and after shows is merely an affirmation of the feeling one gathers about her from her music.

In addition to her own releases, she has collaborated with a number of artists on various studio projects and releases, among them Audio Adrenaline, Grits and Third Day.

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