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"Knuckledust" is a London-based hardcore band.

*Nic (bass), also in Deadline and Ninebar.

*Pierre (vocals), also in Beatdown Fury.

*Ray (drums)

*Wema (guitar)

*Demo (''1997, Self released'')

*Split with Area Effect (''1997, Black-Up'')

*London Hardcore (''1997, Days of Fury'') - ''MiniCD''

*Split with Indecision (''1998, Household Name'')

*In Yer Boat! (''1998, Household Name'')

*Split with Stampin' Ground (''1999, Blackfish'')

*Time Won't Heal This (''2000, Blackfish/Rucktion'') - ''full-length''

*Time Won't Heal This (''2000, Thorp Records'')

*Split with Unite (''2001, Blackfish'')

*Universal Struggle (''2003, Gang Style'') - ''full-length''

*Unbreakable (''2005, Gang Style'') - ''full-length''

* Knuckledust official website

* Knuckledust entry at Scumv

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