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Knuckledust is a London-based hardcore band.

== Members =

*Nic (bass), also in Deadline and Ninebar. *Pierre (vocals), also in Beatdown Fury. *Ray (drums) *Wema (guitar)

*Demo (1997, Self released) *Split with Area Effect (1997, Black-Up) *London Hardcore (1997, Days of Fury) - MiniCD? *Split with Indecision (1998, Household Name) *In Yer Boat! (1998, Household Name) *Split with Stampin' Ground (1999, Blackfish) *Time Won't Heal This (2000, Blackfish/Rucktion) - full-length *Time Won't Heal This (2000, Thorp Records) *Split with Unite (2001, Blackfish) *Universal Struggle (2003, Gang Style) - full-length *Unbreakable (2005, Gang Style) - full-length

*Knuckledust official website *Knuckledust entry at Scumville

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