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"Kosheen" is a UK trip hop, drum and bass musical group based in Bristol, which consists of two producers, Markee Substance (b. Mark Morrison 1974, Glasgow) and Darren Decoder (b. Darren Beale 1974, Bristol), and singer Sian Evans. Their first album, ''Resist'' (released in Sept 2001 and reaching number 8 in the UK album chart) spawned the singles "(Slip and Slide) Suicide", "Hide U", "Catch", "Hungry", and "Harder". Their second album, ''Kokopelli'' (released in Aug 2003 and named for a mythical Native American spirit) focused less on drum-and-bass beats and more on guitar riffs and darker-toned lyrics. It outperformed its predecessor in the UK album chart by reaching number 7.

Their third album, Damage, is due to be released in 2006, however, no firm date has been decided Preview tracks from the forthcoming album are available from the official website.

Their first album, "Resist", was heavily promoted in the 2002 edition of the Nokia Game. A short loop of "Harder" could be heard from all parts of game's virtual world.

The name of the band is a combination of the Japanese words for "old" (古, romanized transliteration ko) and "n...

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