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La Cuca

La Cuca

A Mexican Rock & Roll Band from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. It has recently reunited after a separation of many years.

Their first album "Invasion de los blatidos" set them a part from any other mexican rock band, it was their irreverant and "dumb" lyrics that at first got them bad reviews.

Members: *José Fors (Vocals) *Nacho González (Drums) *Galileo Ochoa (Guitar) *Carlos Aviles (Bass)

Other Members: *Alfonso Fors (Vocals)

Discography: *La invasion de los blatidos (1991)

Cara de pizza - El son del dolor - El mamón de la pistola - Hijo del leche - Don Goyo - La pucha asesina - El rap de dar - Implacable - Que chingaos - Necesito cirugia - Me vale madre - El moralizador *Tu Cuca Madre (1993) D.D.T.T.V. - Mujer cucaracha - Joder - Todo con exceso - Manuela - Hombre de la marcha(Tus piernas)- Alcohol y rocanrol - Tu madre - Ay Juanito - Hambriento - Acariciando - Así - Nicanor

*Mala Racha (1994)

Toma - T...

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