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La Oreja de Van Gogh

"La Oreja de Van Gogh" (Spanish: ''Van Gogh's Ear'') is a Spanish rock/pop band. The name of the band references the famous impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh who cut off the lobe of his own ear. Their songs are mainly written (both lyrics and music) by Amaia Montero in collaboration with Pablo Benegas and Xabi San Martín. The themes of the songs usually include love, friendship, and whatever can occur in a relationship between two people.

The band was formed in 1996, when guitarist Pablo Benegas, bassist Álvaro Fuentes, keyboardist Xabi San Martín, and drummer Haritz Garde met at a local university. Garde was the vocalist until Amaia Montero joined the band by request from Benegas after meeting her at a dinner party. Much later, the band played at "El Concurso de Pop/Rock" de San Sebastián, at which they were discovered and later signed by Sony Music.

Their first album, ''Dile Al Sol'' (''Tell The Sun''), debuted in 1998; it went to the top of the Spanish music charts, and won the "Premio Ondas al Artista del Año". After numerous tours, the group released two more albums, ''El Viaje De Copperpot'' (''Copperpot's Journey'') and ''Lo Que Te Conté Mientras...

years active 1996-''Present''
origin Basque Country (autonomous community)
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