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Lab or LAB may refer to: *Lab (band), a Bolivian salsa band *LAB (band), a Finnish gothic rock band *Lab (people), a people living in southern Albania *Lab River, a river in Serbia *Lab color space (strictly L*a*b*), the most complete color model used conventionally to describe all the colors visible to the human eye As a nickname or shortened form: *Laboratory, a place where scientific research and experiments are conducted *Labrador, a region on the easternmost coast of Canada *Labrador Retriever, a dog breed As an acronym: *Lactic acid bacteria, a group of bacteria useful to the dairy, wine, and food industries *Langile Abertzaleen Batzordeak, a basque national trade union *Lloyd Aereo Boliviano, the Bolivian national airline *League of American Bicyclists, the national bicyclist advocacy organization in the United States. *Linear Alkyl Benzene, a common inexpensive surfactant used in many industrial and household detergent formulations *Linux as bootloader *Live aus Berlin, a recording of a 1999 concert by the German band Rammstein *Long Aston Bypass

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