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Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin


Note: This article is written in UK English, which favours treating collective nouns like bands as plurals. (ie. Led Zeppelin WERE a band.)


"Led Zeppelin" were an English rock band consisting of Jimmy Page (guitar), Robert Plant (vocals, harmonica), John Bonham (drums), and John Paul Jones (bass guitar, mandolin and keyboards).

Formed in 1968, Led Zeppelin were consistent innovators who never lost mainstream appeal. While the band is best known as a pioneering force in hard rock and heavy metal, they also included elements of blues, rockabilly, bluegrass, reggae, soul, funk, Celtic, Indian, Arabic, folk, pop, and flamenco in their music.

Over 25 years after deciding to disband in response to drummer John Bonham's death in 1980, Led Zeppelin continue to be held in high regard for their artistic achievements, commercial success and influential role in the history of 20th Century popular music. The BBC has described them as "one of the most influential bands of the rock era." As of 2006, the group has sold more than 300 million albums worldwide,


In 1968, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones still dominated the charts on both sides ...

years active 1968 in music
origin London, England
music genre Hard rock
Heavy metal music
current members Robert Plant
Jimmy Page
John Paul Jones (musician)
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source: Wikipedia