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Julian Lennon

"Julian Lennon", christened "John Charles Julian Lennon" (born April 8, 1963 in Liverpool, England) is an English singer, songwriter, musician, and the only child of Beatle John Lennon and Cynthia Powell. His godfather was Beatles manager Brian Epstein. His father's nickname for him was "JCJ". If Julian had been a girl he would have been named Julia, after John Lennon's late mother. For a brief time John Lennon concealed the fact he was both married and had a child, under advice from Epstein, because it might have hurt The Beatles' popularity.

While it was rumored that the younger Lennon's father refused to let his mother hire a nanny for him, the truth is that Powell preferred to care for her son herself . Growing up, he was kept away from publicity because of the explosion of Beatlemania.

Lennon attended the set of The Beatles movie ''Magical Mystery Tour''. He also made his musical debut at the age of 10 on his father's album ''Walls and Bridges'' playing drums on "Ya-Ya".

Lennon has always lived in the shadow of his famous father, who split with his mother when their son was only five years old. Lennon has often been somewhat icy towards the subject of his fathe...

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