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Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake is a ska-punk band from Gainesville, Florida. The band is currently signed to Warner Brothers Records, which released their latest studio album, In With the Out Crowd, on May 23 2006.

= *Chris Demakes - guitar, vocals *Roger Manganelli - bass, vocals, second guitar (occasionally live and while recording) *Vinnie Fiorello - drums, lyrics *Buddy Schaub - trombone, bass (whenever Manganelli plays second guitar live) *Peter "JR" Wasilewski - saxophone, vocals (occasionally live)

= *Shaun Grief - bass *Jessica Mills - alto saxophone *Derron Nuhfer - tenor and baritone saxophones *Pete Anna - trombone *Chris Campisi - bass

= *Lars Nylander - a trombone *Vinny Nobile - trombone *Chris Rhodes - trombone *Kevin Fry - lead singer *Cut Chemist- Turntables *Kel Mitchell - Lead singer *Billy Bragg - Lead Singer

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years active 1992–present
status Active
country Gainesville, Florida, United States
music genre Ska Punk
current members Chris Demakes
Roger Manganelli
Vinnie Fiorello
Buddy Schaub
Peter "JR" Wasilewski
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

Less Than Jake

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