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Level 42

"Level 42" is a British pop and funk band. The group had a number of worldwide and UK hits during the 1980s. The band gained fame for its high caliber musicianship, especially that of Mark King, whose percussive slap bass technique provided the driving groove of many of the band's hits.

The founding band members were Mark King (Vocals/Bass Guitar), Mike Lindup (Keyboards/Vocals), Boon Gould (Guitar) and Phil Gould (Drums). Studio keyboardist Wally Badarou contributed to many of the band's early hits, and is considered by many to be the fifth member of the group, although he never officially joined. Other full time band members over the years have included Alan Murphy, Gary Husband, Jakko Jakszyk, Nathan King, Lyndon Connah, and Sean Freeman.

The band still performs live shows (featuring Mark King and variations on the original line-up), and a new album, Retroglide, is scheduled for release on 18 September 2006.

Level 42 was formed in 1979 as a jazz-funk fusion band. Initially the band was signed to a small independent record label, Elite Records, after being seen jamming together. Shortly after they released the single "Love Meeting Love" on Elite, they cam...

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