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< Image with unknown copyright status removed: thumb --> Leviathan is a black metal band from San Francisco, California, USA.


Leviathan was formed in 1998 by Wrest. Wrest plays all instruments and performs all vocals entirely on his own, although he has done collaborations with other bands including Sunn O))), Xasthur, Lurker of Chalice, and Twilight.


Wrest - all vocals, guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, synthesizers, sound effects, etc. etc.


Despite having recorded a large number of works, Leviathan has only two actual full-length albums to date. There has been a total of 15 demo albums recorded to date, although several have been lost over the years, and information on these is limited.

  • Time End (1998)
  • Misanthropicnecroblasphemy (2000)
  • Shadows of No Light (2000)
  • Seven & Slaveship (2000)
  • Eight (2001)
  • Nine (Inclement Derision) (2001)
  • Ten
  • Intolerance (Eleven) (2001)
  • Howl Mockery at the Cross (2001)
  • ...
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