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Liam Lynch

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"Liam Lynch" (born September 5, 1970) is a musician, puppeteer, and director. He co-created, co-wrote, played the music for, directed, and produced the MTV's ''Sifl and Olly Show''.

Lynch also made the album ''Fake Songs'', released in 2002, produced by his own company, 111 Productions. This album featured the song "United States of Whatever", which charted in the Top 10 in the United Kingdom and Australia. It is one of the shortest songs to get to the Top 10 in both countries.

Liam Lynch is also known for directing music videos. In 2003 he directed a music video for the Foo Fighters single ''Times Like These'', although it was played on TV close to never. His video of the song featured the band playing in front of a bluescreen, but MTV didn't like it enough and even criticized it at one time. Lynch finished shooting the film ''Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny'' in July 2005, and he worked with Tenacious D in 2002 on directing the video to the song ''Tribute'', their most popular hit. He directed Sarah Silverman's movie Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic and he wrote the original music used in the MTV animated ser...

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