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Lightyear were a 7-piece ska-punk band from Derby, England which split in 2003, only three months after their second full-length album.

Signed to Household Name Records, the band released two full-length albums, a Split EP with friends Evil Macaroni, a 'demo' (which in reality was probably better-produced than their debut album) and contributed to several international punk compilation CDs.

Lightyear injected punk, hardcore and pop influences into their songs and rapidly became one of the most dynamic and unpredictable UK bands. The Lightyear live experience was a bouncing, energy driven orgy of jumping brass, diving vocalists, more than frequent nakedness, underpinned by the infectious tunes that left every foot tapping. Lightyear released their debut album Call of the Weasel Clan in October 2001.

Although Lightyear were committed to the independent ethos of punk rock, they also gained fans and a reputation in the underground scene for their riotous antics. Since their first gig in their hometown of Derby in 1998, the band have been on tour with Capdown, Mad Caddies, Goldfinger, Slow Gherkin, 311, Mustard Plug, Save Ferris, Nerf Herder, Th...

country United Kingdom
years active 1999 — 2003
music genre Ska Punk
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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