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"Limbeck" is an indie rock band hailing from Orange County, California.

Limbeck received national exposure (in the United States) as a finalist in December 2005's Who's Next. They lost to BarlowGirl.

The Limbeck Band:

"Robb MacLean" - Vocals, Guitars, Saxaphone, Wind Chimes, and Percussion.

"Patrick Carrie" - Background Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica, Electric Sitar, Glockenspiel, Gong, and Percussion.

"Jon Phillip" - Drums and Percussion.

"Justin Entsminger" - Electric Bass Guitar.

Long-time drummer Matt Stephens left the band in September of 2005 and was replaced by Jon Phillip, the former drummer of the Obsoletes and the Benjamins.

While classified as indie rock due to the their relatively small niche in Southern California, the band's musical style is most often described as "alternative country music".

Many fans, record stores and online music services vary in their classification of the band's particular genre, however, partially because the lyrical content of the band's songs, more closely resemble 21st century Emo rock than country.

Geography appears to play a primary role in the band's recordings, both i...

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