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Linkin Park

"Linkin Park" (sometimes typeset as "LIИKIИ PARK" to fit their most well-known logo) is a nu metal/rapcore band from Los Angeles, California, USA.

They are often considered the most famous and most commercially successful exponents of the nu metal genre, mainly due to their debut album ''Hybrid Theory'' (2000), which has sold 19 million copies worldwide to date.

Currently, the band is signed to Warner Brothers Records, and has a global music publishing deal with Zomba Music Publishing, a division of BMG Music Publishing which represents their entire song catalogue.


*Chester Bennington - Vocals

*Mike Shinoda - Vocals, Emcee, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard, Samples, Beats

*Brad Delson - Guitar

*Dave "Phoenix" Farrell - Bass Guitar

*Joseph Hahn - Turntables, Samples, Beats

*Rob Bourdon - Drums


*Scott Koziol— Stand in bass player in the Hybrid Theory album. Appears in One Step Closer video.

*Kyle Christener— Stand in bass player during Phoenix's departure from the band during the Hybrid T...

years active 1996 – Present
origin Los Angeles, California
country United States
music genre Nu Metal, Rapcore
current members Chester Bennington
Mike Shinoda
Joe Hahn
Brad Delson
Rob Bourdon
Dave Farrell
past members Scott Koziol
Kyle Christener
Mark Wakefield
website Official Website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia