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Little River Band

"Little River Band" (also known as LRB) is an Australian rock music band. The band was formed in Melbourne, and named for the Victorian township of Little River, near Geelong.

The band's original members were Glenn Shorrock (vocals), Ric Formosa, Beeb Birtles and Graham Goble (guitars), Roger McLachlan (bass) and Derek Pellicci (drums).

The group evolved from the harmony-rock group Mississippi in 1975. Prior to that, Birtles had been the bassist in 1960s pop band Zoot (which also included singer-guitarist Rick Springfield) and Shorrock had been the lead singer of leading Australian 60s pop band The Twilights and early 1970s country rock band Axiom.

They found immediate success in Australia, but individual members had greater ambitions. Like many other Australasian groups of the period, both Axiom and Mississippi had tried to break into the UK record market without success. Remembering the indifferent reaction they had received in the UK, they decided the new band would focus on establishing themselves in the United States.

A key factor in their eventual success was their manager Glenn Wheatley, who had been the bassist in the highly-regarded Australian rock b...

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