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Lodger is a Finnish indie rock band, formed by Teemu Merilä in 2002. Although largely unknown outside of Finland, they have established a cult-following on the internet due to the popularity of their flash music videos.

In the latter half of 2002, singer/songwriter Teemu Merilä created Lodger as a vehicle for his music, bringing together Jyri Riikonen on keyboards, Hannes Häyhä on bass, Antti Laari on drums, and London-based Richard Anderson on guitar.

During the summer of 2003, the group recorded a self-financed demo of Hi-Fi High Lights Down Low. Shortly thereafter, Häyhä created a flash music video for "Doorsteps" featuring a hapless one-eyed stick man. That year, Doorsteps went on to win "best flash" in the Bradford Animation Festival, as well as winning the Oulu Music Video Festival. In fact, these "One-Eyed Films" would prove so popular that the group went on to adopt a one-eyed skull and crossbones as its logo.

In 2004, Anderson returned to Britain, and was replaced by guitarist Panu Riikonen. Hi-Fi High was made av...

years active 2002–present
origin Helsinki, Finland
music genre Indie rock
current members Teemu Merilä
Hannes Häyhä
Jyri Riikonen
Panu Riikonen
Antti Laari
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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