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Frank Loesser

"Frank Henry Loesser" (June 29, 1910, New York City - July 26, 1969, New York City) was an American composer and lyricist. He died of lung cancer at age 59.

During World War II, he wrote 1942's "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition". Formerly a successful lyricist in collaboration with other composers, this was the first song for which Loesser composed the melody in addition to the lyric.

He wrote the following Broadway musicals:

*''Where's Charley?'' (1948) (starring Ray Bolger)

**"Once in Love With Amy"

*''Guys and Dolls'' (1950)

**"A Bushel and a Peck"

**"Fugue for Tinhorns"

**"I'll Know"

**"If I Were A Bell", a favourite of Miles Davis, featured in recordings with John Coltrane

**"Luck Be a Lady"

*''The Most Happy Fella'' (1956)

**"Standing on the Corner"

**"Big D"

**"Somebody Somewhere"


*''Greenwillow'' (1960)

*''How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying'' (1961)

*''Pleasures and Palaces'' (1965)

Some well-known songs he composed for movies and Tin Pan Alley:

*"Baby, It's Cold Outside" (from ''Neptune's Daughter''). This was originally a song which Loesser and his wife Jo Sullivan performed at parties for t...

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