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London After Midnight

"London After Midnight" (LAM) was formed in the 1990s by Sean Brennan and has retained and nurtured the political and socially aware element of the punk scene that died in the early 90s. Live members of the band vary. LAM has gained a large and loyal following all over the world, from the United States to Europe to Latin America (where LAM has toured extensively), and beyond- to Russia, Japan, China and elsewhere.

London After Midnight has headlined and co-headlined concerts and major festivals with bands like The Cure, Green Day, HIM (HIM often cites LAM as a favorite artist), Rammstein, Soft Cell, and many more, headlining and co-headlining to crowds of over 30,000. Still, London After Midnight maintains a strong underground and independent "personality" despite being top sellers (charting in the top 10 European DAC charts with each of 3 CDs released) and a major draw at music festivals year after year.

Songwriter, instrumentalist, producer and founder Sean Brennan is known for his strong stances in favor of animal rights, pro-environmental and human rights issues, anti-corporate control of media, and progressive, and liberal politics. Despite these "weighty" sounding i...

years active 1990–present
music genre None
Alternative rock
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